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When creating a company, the most important part can be coming up with a name. You can offer the most amazing products at the most affordable prices, or provide wonderful services with raving approval from customers, but it won’t amount to much unless you’re marketable.

Your name is a part of the first impression you make upon a consumer, and if they don’t remember it, they’ll have trouble finding you in the future. If they don’t like it, then they may choose another company with a more appealing title. These little details have a profound impact on the customers, and therefore, your business. Here are some tips to come up with a good company name:

Make it memorable.


When choosing a name for your company, make sure it’s one that will cement in the consumer’s head. Think of all the companies you know and their names. What about their names makes it spring to your mind? Is it the way the words rhythm? Is it the catchy but short sound? Find something that makes it memorable and apply that technique to your name.

Make it unique.

When someone says your company’s name, their thoughts should go straight to your business and your business alone. There is danger in making your name too similar to another company’s. Minds will go to something that is familiar. If you name your grocery store WilliamMart, people’s minds will still go straight to WalMart and leave your brand name behind. It doesn’t matter that your name is longer and clearly different. It will stop you from making a strong reputation for yourself, because you’ll be constantly overshadowed by your competition.

Make it reflect your company.

When brainstorming up ideas, keep names in a category that applies to your business. If you’re starting a flower company, try to keep the theme around flowers in general. You can be creative and have the name reference a legend about flowers, or be a foreign word meaning, “flower”, but keep it on the same subject. This will result in your clients thinking of flowers whenever they mention your name, and then they’ll remember your purpose as a business. Do anything you can to remind a possible customer of your services; this is how you make your profits, after all.

Make short and sweet.


A way to keep a name memorable is to keep it simple and easy to remember. Generally, a company’s name should be a single word or three words at the most. Such is the case with Amazon, Target, as well as Barnes and Noble. If the name becomes too long and complicated, it’s difficult for people to remember, and then you’re losing your vital point of advertisement.

Make it catchy.

Make sure it sounds fun and interesting on the tongue, or inspires an interesting image. People are very image-oriented, so if you can match an interesting sound to an interesting vision, it will be more likely to stick in consumers’ minds.