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In the Internet age, it’s common to hear the question, “How are you supposed to make money with a website?” Unless you’re a company that sells products or a freelancer selling services, that can be a hard question to answer. However, there are indeed ways to make money with a website – and for those who are already making money, there are ways to make even more money.

Banner ads

If you have a large following or notable traffic on your website, the free space on the edges of your screen are valuable to businesses looking to get their name out there. Many websites will pay very well to display a sizable banner advertisement of their site or services where your visitors can see it. The only downside to this is your site has to be very popular before most businesses will search you out. They won’t want to pay money unless they can see a profitable return, which can only be accomplished through a great increase in traffic. However, should you score one such deal, it can be very lucrative.

Product reviews.


Many companies will pay handsomely to not only be promoted on your website, but to have their products showcased to your viewers. By making a short video or a small blog post about a service or product a company offers, it increases their traffic and sales, and they’re willing to reward through this method. Having a successful website is crucial for being sought out, however, it’s also acceptable for you to present the offer to the company.

Google AdSense.

By signing up with this network and placing the proper codes on your website, Google will display ads which are relevant to the topic of your site. With your audience enjoying that same subject, it’s likely they’ll click through, and every time they do, you get paid. This works for the producers of the ads, because they gain traffic, and it works for you, because you’re gaining solid cash. There are many alternative networks that provide the same service, but Google AdSense is the most popular.

Affiliate marketing.


This is similar to all the previously mentioned tactics, but a touch more personal. You’re actually advertising the product(s) of whoever you’re affiliated with, and you receive a payment every time a customer buys this product thanks to you. This is popular with many retail sites, which sell their items through other retail sites that are more prevalent. This allows them to tap into that audience, as well as draw traffic to their own site by building a firm reputation for themselves. Everyone benefits from affiliate marketing, which is why it is growing in popularity.

Conclusion: The Internet becomes more profitable by the minute, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t cash in on the situation. Creating a valuable website is not only important for your own sense of quality, but also to turn a profit – or an even greater profit, if you’re already well into the game.