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What is a mommy blog?

While it’s traditionally a blog created by a mother, for mothers, the term has become broader to encapsulate mothers who run a blog in addition to being a stay-at-home parent. The problem with staying at home is the lack of income, and several mothers have turned to their writing skills and blogging to counter this issue. “How do they make money?” There are a few ways.


Successful blogs have a large internet audience, and companies looking to make a profit are happy to tap into that customer opportunity through a small fee. This can be accomplished in two major ways:

Product reviews.


Often times, a company will contact a blogger with the intention of having their product reviewed (favorable, they hope) to the large internet audience. They send the product to the blogger for free, the blogger reviews it, and suddenly the fans are encouraged to purchase the product. All at once, the company has made a profit, along with the blogger. This can also be accomplished by the blogger contacting the company, offering the same deal. This won’t make them immediate money, but the first review will be an example to other companies, inspiring them to offer their product along with money for a review.

This is done through sponsored posts – when the blogger devotes an entire post to the product, pointing out all its features, assets, and possibly disadvantages. However, should a blogger devote too many posts to products not relating to their blog’s topic, it often has a negative effect on the fans. A smart tactic is adding a quick review of a product to the end of an on-topic post, allowing readers to learn about the product without being spammed.

Banner ads.

Along with writing about products, renting out space on blogs to different websites and companies is a paying service. The mommy blogger’s fans may be visiting their site to read the latest post, but that eye-catching ad-square on the edge of the screen can encourage them to click through. Once they’ve done this, they’ll find themselves on a company’s site, where they can be compelled to spend their money. This opportunity is one companies are willing to pay for. The more successful the blog, the more paying companies there will be asking to display their ads.

Guest writing.

Successful bloggers will sometimes be asked to write a post which will be featured on a different site, often of the same topic. The more successful the blogger, the more fans that will flock to the new site to see their favorite writer’s featured post. For this, the host blog will benefit. Being such, it’s in the host blog’s best interest to pay the guest blogger a figure to write a post here and there.

Blogging can be profitable, and especially for a stay-at-home parent trying to balance their responsibilities with their passions and need for income. Mommy blogging is a great balance of all three.