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Logos are an essential part of any business; they’re the bright face that greets your consumer and the signature that makes you memorable. Having a solid and unique logo could be the difference between being the most popular in the market and the second in line. When you sit down to create a logo for your small business, here are five important things to remember.

1. Keep it simple.

A good logo is basic, uncluttered, and has the right combinations of colors. Choosing the right colors can help your business. That is why many restaurants use the color red in their company logos, as it is a color that makes people hungry or think of food.

2. Attract some attention.

Create your company logo with the purpose of grabbing the attention of those quickly passing by. Make your logo’s image something that forces people to take notice of it. One or two colors or symbols are usually enough. Remember, a fast moving car on a freeway isn’t going to have time to see all the details of an overly cluttered or super colorful logo.

3. Be creative.


Your goal is to make your company’s logo design so unique and publicly recognizable that wherever it is seen, the public mind will instantly register your product, your company name, and assign that logo image to your business. It is then that the visual connection has been skillfully shaped inside the public mind. Even small toddlers recognize the capital ‘C’ and ‘N’ sitting side-by-side, in black and white boxes, as the logo of Cartoon Network. Just try to scroll through the television channels with a toddler and you’ll quickly learn how effective company logos are, even to the young or illiterate.

4. Entice and compel.

Make your logo’s design something that, should the passing drivers miss on their way to work, they will mentally make a note to look at the billboard on their way home. Make it something that sticks with them so well that they ask friends if they’ve seen it too.

5. Be consistent.

When you find the perfect logo design, stick with it. Try driving by a Burger King with a hungry child in the backseat of your car and you’ll see just how good the Burger King logo is; even though the child may not be able to read the sign, the child knows from the large blue circle surrounding the yellow ‘hamburger bun’ shape and the red ‘meat patty’ shaped words, exactly what that company has to offer them. Burger King has captured a balanced logo that is simple, recognizable, and creative, but the key is that they’ve consistently used it for many years.

Consistency will make your logo recognizable, and with constant exposure, people will form an attachment of loyalty to your company. Make sure your logo design is something you can live with for a long time — maybe forever.

With these tips in mind, you can create a logo that will benefit your business.