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Although YouTube accounts for over a third of mobile web traffic, video is not the only type of web content you can make money with. Blogging, social media management, and web design are other viable options that many content producers are exploring.

That doesn’t mean video is dead. If anything, video has become more democratized with the growing popularity of smarter phones and a new generation of digital natives (people who have never known life without the internet). The average person watches nearly 3 hours of online videos every week — a number that may well be underrepresenting just how much time we’re spending watching videos on our phones and tablets.

Here’s a list of other options you might want to explore.

I’ve worked for companies whose main business is supplying web content and services. In recent years, though, I’ve come to realize how much value my clients and I could have created — and how much money we were losing — by just using my own creativity and muscles to work on our own projects. (See the next section for more details on exactly what I mean. It’s not talking about video!)

A lot of my clients and professional friends seem to have the same concerns I do. How hard is it to make money online? What are the best ways to generate income from your own content, instead of waiting for someone else to give it to you? How do you find the money for a website or freelance job? It’s a lot for people who don’t even know they have all this creative energy inside them!

My hope is that you’ll find this article full of inspiration and ideas. I’ll cover the “hard” and “soft” skills it takes to make money writing online. Keep in mind that the first part of this article is written for people who are already interested in content creation.

The second part is written for people who are more comfortable with the technical side of web development and coding, and may need some inspiration about how to make money doing something new.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

(NOTE: Since this article was first published, many of the companies referenced in this article have closed or changed their names. This is not an indicator of the companies’ current status. These companies are all still in business and producing content.)


The first step is to realize that you have some money-making muscles inside of you to work on your own projects. Besides writing, you can do web design, video editing, video production, graphic design and illustration.

You can make money with any of these skills, depending on the project and what your client needs. But to get started, consider working for a company that has a firm grip on these areas, because it can be a lot like having an employee.